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Kyotex® is the business unit that most clearly embodies ALC’s constant drive for innovation, pioneering solutions, systems and products for the footwear and leather goods market, with the ever-closer goal of penetrating industrial sectors as well.

Established in 2006 and named out of respect for the Kyoto protocol, Kyotex® represents the vibrant, innovative soul of the ALC group, as well as being a synonym for safety, quality and reliability for over 15 years.

The power of heat

K Thermo is the Kyotex division that deals with thermoadhesives, commonly referred to as “hot-melt”, in other words thermoplastic polymers that allow two surfaces to be joined after being melted, pressed and cooled.

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The adhesive that didn't exist

ALC has developed K Next for all those products that need the strength of a thermoadhesive but can’t be heated. It’s an innovative adhesive technology that reconciles these two features.

The invisible revolution in PSAs

K System is ALC’s brand of PSAs (Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives), a range of cold, pressure-activated solid adhesives. Famous throughout the European market for insole bonding, K System is present in 90% of footwear produced in Italy.
With K System, ALC has brought about a true invisible revolution, based on efficiency, environmental sustainability and respect for workers’ health.

Positive Reinforcement

K Pads is ALC’s fledgling brand of innovative support materials for the leather goods and footwear markets, such as toe pads, leather fibre stiffeners, microfibres and more. Natural and recycled materials, treated with our thermoadhesives or PSAs, guarantee the absence of solvents and VOC substances.

Not only Kyotex®.

The group owns three brands that provide excellent adhesive systems for continuously evolving sectors.

Termotac® is the ALC business unit that makes thermoadhesives supports for the clothing market. It produces interlining, the name for the stiffening fabrics that give structure to garments such as collars, cuffs, waistbands and the trim of tailored suits.

Retefix® is the division of ALC that produces high-performance industrial adhesives for any sector.
From technical tapes to adhesives, Retefix® guarantees maximum quality and versatility for any type of product, tailored to the customer’s needs.

Retelcar® is ALC’s business unit dedicated to the automotive market. It produces adhesive systems for windscreen repair, including polyurethane and combination adhesives, systems for repairing automobile plastics and protective sprays, as well as soundproofing panels and finishing accessories.


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