Termotac System

Advantages of the Termotac® System

Termotac® System is the patented system for the processing and fastening of any heel through "chemical nailing"  which guarantees important advantages.

In particular:

- CARDER prepares the heel, making the glueing surface more rough to enhance adherence.

- TECNO HOLE prepares the sole creating conical holes towards the heel to guarantee maximum glue adhesion.

- TERMOTAC 0.2 dispenses the glue in a fast and precise way, guaranteeing speed of application and quality of final result.

- MAGNETOTAC 2.1 allows double fastening combining screw and adhesive and optimising the heel's hold.

- ALCHOT FC guarantees good hold for the glueing and great fastening rapidity, approximately 15 seconds.

- ALCHOT PLUS e ST ompletely replace nailing method, guaranteeing optimal glueing hold and are differentiated only by their degree of viscosity (ALCHOT ST is more viscous than ALCHOT PLUS).

- ALCHOT TRANSPARENT, top adhesive of ALC Tecnologie Adesive product range for glueing heels, is ideal for transparent supports where the junction's aspect is important. It guarantees optimal hold.

- ALCHELP integrates and enhance the traditional nailing method and has a particularly long open time since it starts to reticulate after 30 seconds.

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