Termotac System
Il Sistema

The System

Termotac® System is the patented, original and qualitatively inimitable system for working on and fastening any heel by means of "chemical nailing". It consists of four machines:
Termotac 0.2, Carder 1050, Tecno Hole 1127, Magnetotac 2.1
and of three new generation adhesive glues, Alchot®, Alchelp®, Alchot Transparent®
Termotac® System eliminates all disadvantages linked to the traditional processing and heel nailing method; it represents a performing alternative to screws and nails, also in terms of simplicity and swiftness of execution.
Heels and soles processed with the Termotac® System ensure great advantages under the productive profile and constitute a further proof of Italian technology appreciated and used by the most important footwear manufacturers in the world.

The applications

Termotac® System guarantees the structural glueing of heels exasperated in shape or made out of materials of difficult application with traditional nailing systems.

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