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The Kyotex® system revolutionises the cleaning insole gluing method, automating a long and costly process which is still done by hand today.
- Just one machine is needed to cover the work of all the assembly lines
- Reduction of labour

Made in Italy
The Kyotex® system has been adopted as the official gluing system of cleaning insoles in the Italian footwear market.
With more than 800 machines active in the country, ALC Tecnologie Adesive serves all the most famous Italian and foreign brands in this market.
- Guarantee of gluing quality

Eco Friendly
Because this is an adhesive which is 100% solid, anallergic, transpirable and solvent free and therefore free of harmful fumes which eliminates the fixed stations with flammable fume exhaust hoods.
For the worker this is a guarantee against occupational illnesses stemming from respiration, allergies and incorrect hand position during processing.
- Increases the quality of the finished product
- Increases work quality
- Reduces risk for the worker and therefore also legal problems
- Reduction of fire and explosion risks because flammable fumes are eliminated

Versatility and Cleaning
Key advantages of Kyotex®.
In fact, the system allows insoles and accessories of any shape, size or design to be glued in a simple, quick and clean way, ensuring precise edges without any smudges.
This is achieved thanks to the coupling of the two tapes.
- Free space for stylistic expression
- Total cleaning of the insole
- elimination of machine and insole cleaning operations
- More accurate application because the quantity of glue applied is precisely what is needed to cover only the profile of the insole
- Application of the adhesive on only one of the insole surfaces and not directly on the shoe, a more difficult application with closed or pointed shoes
- Elimination of down times due to evaporation of the solvent with conventional glues
- Possibility of preparing insoles with adhesive applied off line

Because it eliminates clots and uneven spreading.
Also, because the adhesive is a “pressure sensitive” material, always active, the more you walk, the better the adhesion.
- The resistance to high temperatures, the absence of clots and unevenness, and the quantity of adhesive itself on the entire surface, make the insole or the part perfect for stitching. In fact, with this product the needle gets significantly less sticky, therefore preventing the need to stop production. Also, because it is a solid material, there is no problem of glue leaking out.

Economic Optimisation
Because it allows the prevention of inefficiencies and costs that cannot always be controlled, thereby reducing manual labour and allowing pre-glued insoles to be stored.
It also eliminates system costs connected to safety (respirators, eye protection and masks, goggles...), bulk (Kyotex® takes up just 0.5 m2) and mobility (Kyotex® can be moved independently based on the customer's needs to any area of the factory)

Increase of Production
Automating a process which has been carried out by hand until now, Kyotex® is able to increase production speed during insole gluing by about 20%.

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